Top 7 proprietary trading firms


Are you searching for top proprietary trading firms that offer the capital you need to effectively implement your strategies? As a trader, access to adequate funds can be the difference between success and failure. Proprietary trading firms have emerged to address this need, providing traders with capital in exchange for a share of the profits. In this article, we will review seven leading best prop firms and help you determine which one offers the best opportunity for your success.


SurgeTrader stands out as one of the premier prop trading firms, and for good reason. The company prioritizes quick onboarding for traders, requiring only a one-phase trial with a 10% profit target.

While SurgeTrader offers the potential for traders to achieve up to a 90% gain split, this benefit comes with an additional fee. The standard profit split is 75%. Nevertheless, traders can access a diverse range of assets on the platform, making it an excellent choice for those with multi-asset strategies.

Traders With Edge

Although Traders With Edge is relatively new to the industry compared to other names on this list, it has quickly built a strong reputation for its flexibility and trader-centric approach. Notably, Traders With Edge allows certain trading styles to be considered too risky by other firms, making it an attractive option for aggressive traders who seek fewer restrictions. As a funded prop firm, it offers multiple paths to funding approval.

Traders can opt for the one-phase ‘Turtle’ challenge, ideal for those who prefer a slower, steadier approach, or the two-phase ‘Hare’ challenge, designed for those who can generate quick profits. This versatility makes Traders With Edge a valuable resource for newer traders still exploring their trading styles and looking to learn in a supportive environment.


TopStep has earned an excellent reputation in the futures trading community. With a decade of experience, the firm focuses on engaging traders within the futures market. This specialized concentration can be a significant advantage for dedicated traders, although new users should be mindful of the limited flexibility for testing strategies in other markets.

Despite this focus, TopStep distinguishes itself with a strong commitment to educating and training emerging traders. The platform presents access to coaching, educational courses, and a vibrant neighborhood where traders can share their experiences.


The 5%ers

For those eager to jump straight into live trading, The 5%ers stands out as a rare platform offering immediate funding. Their “Hyper-Growth” program allows for instant setup, with the opportunity to increase account funding upon reaching specific profit targets. However, traders should consider the high upfront cost of this program, particularly in relation to the initial account size.


FTMO is a proprietary trading firm primarily focused on forex, though it also supports trading in indices, crypto, and commodities. Forex traders, in particular, will appreciate the extensive selection of major and cross-pairs available.

Unlike other firms, FTMO’s trading challenge involves a more complex two-step process with varying profit targets. The profit split begins at 80% but can rise to 90% for successful traders. Additionally, FTMO’s “scaling plan” offers further incentives for traders who excel on the platform.

The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader stands out by gamifying its platform, making its website resemble a video game interface. Do not be misled by this playful presentation; The Funded Trader is a reputable proprietary trading firm with a solid track record. Some traders may find the video game-like environment alleviates the stress of trading and fosters a strong community around the firm.

This firm offers various account setup options, providing great flexibility for different trading styles. While trial fees can vary significantly depending on the choice, The Funded Trader is notable for allowing slightly higher maximum drawdowns on its standard accounts compared to other platforms.


FidelCrest is a premium proprietary trading firm that emphasizes flexibility and a high payout ratio, albeit with higher upfront costs. For instance, its “Aggressive” $250K account offers a 90% profit split and a 20% max drawdown but comes with a trial price exceeding $2,000. However, FidelCrest distinguishes itself by offering unlimited trial retries for all account types, unlike some firms that charge additional fees for retries.